Hacks for your Holiday Guests

December 20, 2017

Here we will talk about 5 inexpensive personal touches you can put on your guestroom this holiday season.


Are you hosting guests this Christmas? Are you the host in general for most events? Here is a way you can step up your guest game and be the ultimate host.

 It can be broken down into the 5 senses.


  1. Sight



It is always important to make your guests feel special. A clean space is key to achieving that aesthetic. Clearing out clutter and making it seem as if they are walking into a hotel room is how you create that perfect guest atmosphere. You don’t want them to feel like they are intruding and living amongst your things. So put that pile of clothes on that chair away, make the bed, and put all the present wrapping debris away.  


Put out a tray with an assortment of things such as; fancy water bottles or a carafe and glasses, treats or cookies, small glass with flowers, maybe a small baggie with toothbrushes, toothpaste, and soap. Even going as far as putting out the Wifi Network and Password, towels and robes can be done. Make sure there is a luggage rack, the last thing you want is for them to put it on your clean and fresh bed. (Who knows where that suitcase has been..)These are all very inexpensive things that can be found at your local dollar store, but they give off the feeling of a fine hotel but more personal. The idea is to cater to their needs before they even have to ask and feel like a bother. Not to mention it saves you from having to stop whatever it is that you are doing to prep for Christmas, every time they need one of the things above.


2. Smell


All of the senses no matter how small they are contribute to the overall experience. You could have a beautiful room but upon entry imagine it smells like bleach from when you cleaned the en suite bathroom earlier. Having a fresh linen, lavender, vanilla, or sage smell is beneficial. This can be potpourri or a candle.


3. Sound


Put on some nice relaxing music, whether that be some yoga music, natural sounds, or holiday music. Also remember that some people like a fan sound while they sleep


4. Touch


Put freshly cleaned linens on the bed, and make sure to use fabric softener. “Bamboo” tends to be a very luxurious inexpensive sheet line that should be considered. Either that or a nice thread count cotton sheet is always a sure way to comfort your guests. Make sure your towels follow suit on this. No one likes a scratchy towel!


5. Taste


 Bet you were wondering how this comes into play. Easy! Have a nice mimosa waiting on their arrival, paired with a tasty snack. They have been traveling and are most likely hungry or thirsty.


These little extra efforts will leave a huge impression on your guests. You might want them to sign a confidentiality agreement because next thing you know the word will spread about your hospitality!!!

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