Definitive Design Guide to Style & Trends

January 3, 2018


Design is a practice. It is an ongoing evolution of art, perspective, trends, and functionality. It is important to have a design consultant when changing your home or creating it. There are many things that may look appealing on Pinterest, but could come out being a “fad” which will be completely wrong in the coming weeks, or season. It is important to remember that fads fade, trends usually last years or decades, and classics are timeless.


 Here we will talk about how each of these can be used in an economically efficient way as well as aesthetically efficient. I use the word efficient in a matter that the subject is easy to transform with the ever-changing fads and trends, but is also economically conscious. A good way to start with this is to analyze the time period and style of the home. You may be able to simply reface your classic cabinets with some fresh paint, or trendy pulls. This will give your cabinets a fresh look and dress them up with an inexpensive flare that can easily be changed and brought up to date if ever need be. This is both aesthetically efficient and economically efficient.


It is always best to stick with a more classic larger scale finish than trendy. For example, white subway tile instead of the green subway tile might be a more economically efficient than aesthetically efficient because they are both subway tile and same scale of work, but we all know the green tile is going to have to be replaced some time in the near future. Save your favorite color green for your paint or your plate ware.


While being economically efficient and aesthetically conscious you allow yourself to keep up with the trends and change up your space more often while being kind to your wallet. You also allow for a shorter sale period when you decide to leave your home. This is because you haven’t cornered your home into a specific niche of buyer. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to like your green subway tile. By simply picking a style, keeping it classic on the large scale you can use Home Goods for all your décor needs to make the space your own style.


Design is moving into a fusion-like style. So overlapping the classics with the trends is becoming increasingly popular in the evolution of design.  Mid-Century modern, Boho-Chic, Farmhouse Fabulous, and Industrial Modern are some examples of the up and coming styles. These fusion-like styles all contain classic and trendy factors. The common denominator in all of these is simplicity and functionality. There is never any excess of anything. We are moving into a world where less is more in design. Color should be more of an accent tool rather than a canvas.


You can see this is apparent in all the HGTV shows that you may see about flipping houses. Most flips are going with the grey, white and neutral design. Then accenting with staging, lighting, wallpaper, etc. This is to make a space more marketable and easier for someone to personalize.


Aging of the design is key to any successful remodel. Having a designer that is knowledgeable and can factor in all tastes while maintaining the longevity of the design is beneficial to all. Blackwood has a young fresh take on design and can be very innovative with their creative edge and knowledge of identifying the trends and fads. This enables them to counsel clients like you into making the best design decisions for your home. 

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