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February 23, 2018



Interior Design goes so much further than looking good. Ever hear “When you look good you feel good?” Well it speaks volumes to your health and home. I am pretty sure that I don’t have to give you some kind of scientific article that states that a well decorated and designed home eases the mind and soul; but I will anyway. The psychology of color is real. Color has the power to revitalize, to soothe and to inspire creativity, even appetite. When you walk into a red dining room you feel the energy. When you walk into a cool ocean blue bedroom, accented with neutrals and wispy gray décor; your mind is at ease. In-fact it already is just thinking about it.


Choosing the right color is not only crucial to setting the tone and purpose of a room but is also a budget friendly way to transform a space or mindset, as it the rest of the advice you are about to read.


For those of you that work at home, improving your atmosphere is key especially. It is also important to create a separation of your workspace and living space. The rest of you want to come home to a zen space where you can leave all your troubles at the door. Surprisingly enough using earth tones or staging your home with greenery can be beneficial to connecting you to nature or create a mood-boosting effect and it is also air purifying. One thing to keep in mind is not to go overboard because next thing you know you are either running a garden center or you can’t see the walls that you so thoughtfully planned the paint color for.


Lighting is another great factor in setting the mood in your home. Try to stay away from bright harsh lights that cause negativity or sadness. Natural light is your best bet with achieving a calming and peaceful feeling. If you don’t have access to much natural light, a good light fixture is always recommended. I may be bias but a unique dramatic light fixture can always bring a smile to someone’s face or give a room its entire vibe. Remember to go with a softer bulb when working with light fixtures. Natural light will always be there to be a supplement or you can hang decorative mirrors to help reflect some light around the space.


While you sit and enjoy that beautiful light fixture with your greenery or succulents on the coffee table. Think about what you are snuggled up on. Adding a couple of throw pillows or blanket to shake things up a bit is always a great budget –friendly idea that can make a big difference.


Lastly, if you don’t have the slightest idea of what to do next even after reading this, then just call an interior designer like myself. Paying a small fee for some good advice on what to do with your space (and mind) might be the best call if you aren’t confident. Think of it as going to the your House Doctor. You gotta look good and feel good! It won’t break the bank and your guests and yourself will notice the difference.



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